Thursday, October 06, 2005


Somebody Please Give the Media a Dollar to Buy a Clue

ABC News "Original Report": Spy Case Suggests White House Security Problem

The discovery that a former White House staff member allegedly used his top secret clearance to steal classified intelligence documents indicates there are serious gaps in high-level White House security, a former White House counterterrorism expert says.
The spy case suggests serious gaps in White House security? For how many months did a supposed reporter, who had no previous journalistic experience, who was at least $20,000 in debt, and who had been advertising his services as a homosexual prostitute, get access to the White House? Even on days when there was no press briefing in the White House? (See the left sidebar in AMERICAblog for details.) And it takes the arrest of a suspected spy for the news media to figure out that there's a security problem?
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