Friday, October 07, 2005


Three easy pieces. Some good news for a change.

There was a lot of fairly good news today that makes me think the tides may be turning.. 1. Merck has a vaccine against cervical cancer. This is about the only good news in Big Pharma for years. 2. Mohammed El Baradei and more importantly the UN's IEAE won the Nobel Prize This is a strong statement of criticism by mainstream Europeans against the phonying up of Iraq data that Bushco wanted. 3. The Tories might be capable of change. Britain has suffered from a decade of Labour getting away with too much because people were terrified that the Thatcherites might get another crack at destroying the country. I realize many people wouldn't regard the recovery of the Tories as a positive. The party has done so many rotten things, promoted xenophobia and racialism, etc. But politics is an ecology, and a nation does not thrive when any part of the body politic is sick. I think this is good news for another reason, though. It may signal that the Tories have realized that Bushco is going down, and it's time for all good rats to start looking for escape lines.
There is bad news about the good news from Merck: The theofascists are opposing approval of the vaccine for cervical cancer, because it would encourage sexual promiscuity. Because, y'know, early sexual activity is a risk factor for cervical cancer, and eliminating that risk factor eliminates a reason not to have sex. (All the girls who are aware that early sex is a risk factor for cervical cancer and who are therefore abstaining, please say, "Not until marrage!" ::crickets::)
I think that bad news is good news.

If everyone hears that the Family Research Council has come out in favor of cancer, I suspect the enthusiasm for their other positions will diminish.
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