Saturday, October 08, 2005


TreasonGate: Rove Tries The Sergeant Schultz Defense

That's the one where you pretend to be dumb as a post, so you can claim that you really didn't lie when you actually did. (See here and here for details.) The Sergeant Schultz Defense isn't perfect. It can be and has been broken by prosecutors that have established "pattern and practice" showing beyond a reasonable doubt that the person in question could not have been that stupid. That's one reason why Fitzgerald has been so assiduous in Hoovering up data and witnesses: He likely intends to show that Rover Boy can't be "Boy Genius" on everything else and then suddenly morph into Homer Simpson WRT TreasonGate. If nothing else, I can see Fitzgerald nailing Rove and/or Libby on perjury charges. Maybe then Judy Miller Chalabi will write them both lovely notes about aspens and clusters and such.

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