Thursday, October 20, 2005


Two Views Of Patrick Fitzgerald

From James Moore at The Huffington Post, we have this. From Old American Century (via Steve Gilliard) we have this. The picture that emerges, upon reading both pieces, is of a man who is the prosecutor's prosecutor. He's tough, smart, and has the endurance to follow down every last trail where the evidence leads him -- which means he can pull together the threads that seem so confusing to everyone else, and sniff out lies. And BushCo, for all its power, really isn't that bright: Most of its people, like Bush himself, are trust-fundies or trust-fundie-wannabees who've never had to work very hard in their lives, and used their total lack of scruples to compensate for their atrophied intellects. When they're facing a Fitzgerald in anything resembling a fair fight, they have no chance save for Bush (who as POTUS is the one guy in BushCo who cannot be indicted -- even Cheney is fair game, as Spiro Agnew showed thirty years ago) to pardon them all, which would set off a firestorm that the RNC does not want to see. Many people have noted how the press seems to be intent on ignoring Fitz's probe, as much as they can ignore it -- whereas they shoved the GOP-orchestrated attacks on Bill Clinton (and Howard Dean, and John Kerry) down our throats 24/7. There are a couple of reasons for the press' reticence. First off, Starr's OIC went into CoupGate (aka The Hunting of President Clinton) knowing that there was no "there" there. Three prior probes of Whitewater had all cleared the Clintons. They had to try and construct a perjury trap on a matter which had nothing to do with Whitewater in order to get any sort of pretext for continuing the witchhunt. This is why Starr's people leaked like sieves: They knew that their case would have been laughed out of an actual court of law, so they were trying to win the "hearts and minds" battle. But the only people they won over were the presstitutes, who loved having their stories spoon-fed to them. Fitzgerald's grand jury is the reverse of all this. He has dirt, he has a solid case, he doesn't give a rat's ass about "hearts and minds", and damned if he's going to tip off his targets by leaking. That's why the press hates him so much: He's forcing them to at least pretend to do their damned jobs. Secondly, and more ominously, key members of the national media are in bed with the GOP in general and the Bushies in particular, and talking about Fitzgerald and TreasonGate means, eventually, talking about their roles in helping Bush burn a NOC. We're not talking about FOX News folks or Judy Miller, either: Tim Russert is someone who has much to tell us -- and who is legally free to tell us everything he knows. So what's stopping him? Only the fact that he and his bosses and co-workers don't want the extent of their collaboration with BushCo to become 24/7 network fodder. (We here in the blogosphere know about it, but most of America still get their news from TV and radio. So they don't know it. Yet.) {UPDATE: No sooner did I post this than I saw this lovely Kos Diary talking about how Rove is trying to shove the blame onto Scooter "Aspen" Libby, and Libby is in turn dumping it onto none other than Tim Russert. Heheheheheheh. And a Merry Fitzmas to all!]

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