Wednesday, October 05, 2005


"Very Republican"

If you do a search in Google News for "flu vaccine" shortage, you'll find reports from all over the U.S. that there will be plenty of flu shots for everybody. Today's Detroit Free Press, however, is reporting that the ready availability of flu vaccine is strangely selective. Many doctors they can't get it. But supermarket, drugstore, and discount store chains — big corporations, that is — don't seem to be having any trouble getting sufficient quantities. It makes me wonder, it does. And I'm not the only person wondering about the vaccine maker's priorities.

Dennis Paradis, executive director of the Michigan Osteopathic Association, representing 4,500 doctors, said he has tried to get health authorities to give vaccine to doctors first, but only gets "very Republican answers" about America's "free market system."

There's an interesting tale here. It's complicated enough that I am going to blog it (I tried doing it in comments here, but it would be all but unreadable).
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