Saturday, October 29, 2005


We All Knew This Was Coming

Scooter Libby's already planning on The Sergeant Schultz Defense:

A statement released by Libby's attorney says his client was operating under "the hectic rush of issues and events at a busy time for our government." In other words, Libby got busy and forgot some details of long-ago conversations.
There's only one problem with that defense: Fitzgerald's had two years -- and testimony from dozens of witnesses -- to smash it like an egg.


As I noted in my post, the other problem with this defense is that Libby's going to have to explain why he didn't bother preparing for his grand jury testimony by doing a thorough review of his own records of the events in question. It's almost like he didn't want to aid the investigation by giving a truthful and complete account. Who'd a thunk it?
What's damning is how much talking about Plame was going on and at what levels.

Plame's identity and occupation was "need to know only." In other words, no one who did not need her name in order to complete a legitimate task should have known she existed.

Theoretically, Libby could have had a legitimate interest in Plame. If an NSC officer learns that a wrong decision was made, he could want to run down the details of how it was made. It's not clear to me the CIA should have divulged the name even if the cause was legitimate.

And it's even theoretically possible that Libby could have forgotten exactly how he learned the name--but not that he could have thought he learned it from reporters. If he learned it from reporters, he had a duty to immediately report a possible security breach.

But when a political officer like Rove is telling Libby Plame's name-- even if Rove is cleared to know the information himself, which is a sick thought-- it's very clear that these guys were obsessed with Plame.

I speculate Libby was chosen early on as the scapegoat, that it was agreed that he would take the fall to protect the re-election effort, and that Bushco allowed Fitzgerald in because they knew the stonewall would hold.

Maybe Fitzgerald is just playing Columbo, but the picture I got yesterday was of a man who is angry and nervous. Others have speculated that Rove made a proffer.

So, why would Fitzgerald be jumpy? Maybe because he knows Rove's proffer is a fake, part of framing Libby for what was a crime clearly planned and directed by the highest officials in government.

That would make an honest man angry indeed.
Correction: Libby was not a full member of the NSC. As a presidential and VP aide, however, he almost certainly attended meetings. He seems to have had clearance to see plenty of stuff, but probably (for reasons Parry presents) not the identity of a NOC.
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