Monday, October 31, 2005


We Can't Trust Bush With ANYTHING

Well, Bush has replaced Harriet Miers, who was deep-sixed by the religio-racist (and sexist) right, with Samuel Alito. Setting aside the whole question of whether a man who sees nothing wrong with strip-searching innocent ten-year-old girls should be on the Supreme Court, there is the larger issue that We Can't Trust Bush With ANYTHING: -- He promised to keep us safe, but ignored Clinton and Sandy Berger's warnings about Al-Qaeda and Osama until AFTER 9/11 -- He promised to get Osama "dead or alive", but then got bored with Afghanistan and went into Iraq, so Osama is still free and plotting against us -- He lied to us on Iraq, then screwed up the invasion and now over 2000 Americans and 100,000 Iraqs are dead as a result -- His appointees and nominees are corrupt and/or incompentent hacks whose main "qualification" is sucking up to Bush (Brown, Chertoff, Kerik, Miers, Bolton, etc.) -- And on and on and on. There you go. We Can't Trust Bush With Anything. Write letters to Senators at, write letters to your local papers, call up the call-in shows. Go and do!

Nice encapsulation.
An important talking point is that there is no requirement that the Supreme Court have nine members.

Considering what it has been doing lately, eight would be better than nine.

In the Second American Republic, the Supreme Court will have to have as a job requirement that no person possess great wealth. The salary shall be set to match those of the average American. And above all, it must be required that people who sit on that court be minimally capable of interpreting the law on behalf of all Americans, not just whatever whacko religious sect or corporate interest group they belong to.
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