Thursday, October 06, 2005


World Bank: Pollution is killing almost as many as disease, storm, and tobacco

Almost a fifth of all ill health in poor countries and millions of deaths can be attributed to environmental factors, including climate change and pollution, according to a report from the World Bank.Unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene as well as indoor and outdoor air pollution are all said to be killing people and preventing economic development. ...It also cites the spread of malaria and dengue fever as climate change intensifies. Global warming, says the report, is leading to lower yields of some crops and the salination of coastal areas....high concentrations of minute particles released by smoky fires are now responsible for over 1.6 million deaths a year. Speaking of which, check out Trees, Water, People, which specifically deals with helping people in Central America buy clean, efficient heating, thereby improving childhood health and preventing deforestation. It's a good, efficient, smart organization.
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