Sunday, October 09, 2005


Yep, Bush Is Losing His Base

This editorial appeared in the British publication The Business, whose owners also publish the Daily Telegraph. George Bush, the Manchurian candidate

It should have been the crowning moment of his administration, the opportunity to exercise one of his most important privileges as President by picking two new judges to serve on the Supreme Court, thereby stamping his mark on American society for the next few decades, as only a few presidents have done before him. Instead, President Bush’s astonishingly short-sighted decision last week to nominate a close colleague with no judicial track record for the Supreme Court, following an earlier uninspired choice, risks condemning his administration to being remembered as the most debilitating since the sorry rule of Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s. There is no pleasure in recording this. This newspaper is second to none in its pro-American sentiments; in the early Bush years it devoted much ink to defending the President against the often malevolent and ignorant attacks of a congenitally anti-American European media. But we know a lost cause when we see one: the longer President Bush occupies the White House the more it becomes clear that his big-government domestic policies, his preference for Republican and business cronies over talented administrators, his lack of a clear intellectual compass and his superficial and often wrong-headed grasp of international affairs – all have done more to destroy the legacy of Ronald Reagan, a President who halted then reversed America’s post-Vietnam decline, than any left-liberal Democrat or European America-hater could ever have dreamed of. As one astute American conservative commentator has already observed, President Bush has morphed into the Manchurian Candidate, behaving as if placed among Americans by their enemies to do them damage.
Bush is so bad he's destroying Ronald Reagan's legacy. Wow. Nothing's nastier than a disillusioned rightwinger.
If only Bush were simply destroying the Reagan legacy, which basically sucked from top to bottom.

Instead, Bush has made the Reagan legacy of government expansion, record debt, alienation from foreign allies, and unjustified war even worse.

Bush's policies are the natural extensions of Reagan's brutally stupid policies.

Bush and Reagan style "conservatism" needs to die off, like disco and pet rocks, so that the greater good may resume its march into the future.
"Bush and Reagan style "conservatism" needs to die off, like disco and pet rocks"

Hey, pet rocks were harmless and entertaining. Bush is neither.
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