Sunday, November 27, 2005


Conrad Black, a Man Without a Country?

PW will love this. The Viscount of Darkness, Conrad Black, is trying to renounce his British citizenship and have his Canadian citizenship reinstated. This follows his renunciation of Canadian citizenship to be able to gain British citizenship and a seat in the Lords. Naturally, he wants express treatment. You see, if immigration is too slow or denies the request, he's more likely to be extradited to the United States, where, we learn, "Black is manoeuvring for his appointment in a Chicago federal courtroom next Wednesday with Patrick Fitzgerald, probably the most feared US prosecutor..." Maybe Canada and the UK could team up to do the best thing of all. Accept Black's renunciation of British citizenship and deny his application for reinstatment of Canadian citizenship, making him a stateless person. That would for certain sure make his appointement with the "most feared US prosecutor" lively indeed. He might have something to say about Bush, Barrick, and Bulyanhulu.
Hey, I wonder if he'll have a fortuitous "broken ankle" the night before he's hauled in, รก la Scooter Libby? You know, the sort that requires crutches, makes frog-marching impossible, and miraculously heals within a week and a half?

Pass the popcorn!
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