Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Contracts With The Devil Generally Last Seven Years, Right?

Judging by how things have been falling apart for BushCo over the last year, I'm guessing the original contract must have been blood-inked by Bush and Ol' Scratch sometime in December 1997. Here's the latest thing to fall apart: Their attack strategy. From the AP (via AmericaBlog), we find this:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush's efforts to paint Democrats as hypocrites for criticizing the Iraq war after they once warned that Saddam Hussein was a grave threat could backfire on Republicans. Polls show marked declines in support for the war, notably among moderate Republicans, especially Republican women, and independents - voting blocs that the GOP needs to woo or keep in their camp. If Bush castigates Democrats for changing their minds on the war, he might wind up alienating Republicans who have done so, too.
Ooooops. But wait, there's more!
The administration has been engaging in a rhetorical high-wire act in its efforts to defend its use of prewar intelligence - so much that some analysts have likened it to President Clinton's remark in his deposition on the Monica Lewinsky case: "That depends on what the definition of 'is' is."
Oh, yes, the two cases are exactly alike, except that Clinton was trying to get out of a perjury trap set up as part of a nuisance lawsuit that should never have been filed in the first place, and Bush is trying to weasel out of being tagged as responsible for the wrongful deaths of 120,000-plus people.

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