Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Fitzmas: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Josh Marshall tipped us off to this nice little bombshell in the early edition of the 11/16/05 Washington Post. The gist: -- Bob Woodward, who has been constantly and otherwise-inexplicably dissing Fitzgerald and the investigation, has been involved in it (and grilled heavily in the course of it) just about from Day One. -- Woodward knew who Valerie Plame was before any other journalist did, including Bob Novak. -- Woodward was told Plame's identity and status in the CIA by a senior Bush Administration official, and that official was NOT Rove or Scooter (can you say "Dick Cheney", boys and girls? I knew you could). -- Woodward testified that he told WP reporter Walter Pincus about this conversation, but Pincus has stated that he did not. -- Woodward didn't tell his own Post editors about all of this until last month and then only after the unnamed senior administration official came forward to Fitzgerald and told him about it. This is BIG. It shows just how deeply the national press corps is in bed with BushCo. After this, no one will ever again be able to claim with a straight face that the US corporate media is "liberal", because too many of its most-highly-paid members will have been revealed to be little more than court stenographers for His Majesty King George.

It's time for Woodward to spend more time with his family.

And has been, probably since 1974.

This is one of the most unethical actions by a major journalists since, um... yesterday.

That's how bad it is!
Let's see: Woodward. Novak. Miller. Russert. Matthew Cooper. All of them caught in Fitz' net. All of them revealed to be stooges for BushCo and the GOP.

We gotcher "liberal media", riiiiight heeeeeere.
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