Friday, November 18, 2005


Friday Cat Blogging

The paws that refreshes. Alexander the black-and-white cat, lounging in a hammock attached to the window head and forepaws of Lightfoot the black cat, as she sleeps

I can almost see Alex holding a cell phone.
Cellphone! Oh no! I can just see him calling the Chicken Shack to ask whether they deliver.
"...and make it all dark meat, please. Meow -- er, thanks!"
I can almost hear Alex saying, "I'd like to put that order of chicken on my MasterCard..."
That's funny. I think it happens here, too, because one weekend we were out of town but a mysterious bill for $150 worth of tuna tataki appeared on my debit card.

I think our black-and-white "Gateway" kitty has Zen 32 on speed-dial.
Lightfoot, meanwhile, is thinking, "She'd better not hold me responsible for that MasterCard charge. He's not really my little brother."
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