Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Good Question

In Daily Kos, Armando asks:

Why Does The "ScAlito" Moniker So Infuriate The Right? It always amazes me how the Right Wing insists they want judges like Antonin Scalia and then when Democrats liken conservative nominees to Scalia they have hissy fits complaining about the comparisons. Now I certainly think it is a terrible thing for a Supreme Court Justice to resemble Scalia, but when did the Right Wing start agreeing with me on that? ... Wouldn't you think they would consider it a compliment?

I recently heard about this person on an hour long interview with him on 570AM in Los Angeles, and I found his BLOG and thought it might be of interest to many of you. Regardless what they say about this person... he seems to have a great mind. He has had his ups and downs... but I have a feeling that we will be seeing much more of him once DATELINE NBC does their story.

Look at his message about his PASSIONS. It seems to me, he has a lot to say and it all makes pretty good sense.

I found his Speakers Card, should any of you be interested in considering him to speak at your organization.

I thing that if we take out all of the judgmental things we may have about this person... we will see that deep down he has a lot to offer.

Just a thought and passing this along.


Take care,

The Brokaws
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