Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Hacktacular! 2: The Incompetence Continues

Hard on the heels of the news that Bush has tasked a guy with no meaningful health-issues experience (but lots of experience at trying to kill of Amtrak) to handle the US' response to the avian flu threat, we have yet another hacktacular Bush appointment:

Donald Powell, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, was appointed as the Bush administration's coordinator of recovery and rebuilding in the Gulf Coast areas hit by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Powell will leave the FDIC to take the job. He will serve as the administration's primary point of contact with Congress, state and local governments and businesses for rebuilding the region devastated by successive hurricanes on Aug. 29 and Sept. 24, a statement from the Homeland Security Department said. Powell will report to President George W. Bush through Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. He will coordinate the federal government's involvement in issues such as economic development and rebuilding infrastructure.
So, what's Powell's qualifications for this sort of job, you may ask? Here they are, in full:
Powell, who was a contributor to Bush's presidential campaign, has been chairman of the FDIC since August 2001. He has previously worked as chief executive officer of the First National Bank of Amarillo, Texas.


Snow at FEMA and this guy at Treasury would be an improvement.

I mean, not as good as sending them all to North Korea....
Hey PW, I read some of your comments on that Jackass news blog, and I’m trying to figure out how some white lady liberal type is suppose to know so fucken much about Negros and their political leanings. Do you even know any black people? Do answer that, I know one of your best homies is black.

Just to let you know your little comment “a black man voting republican is like a chicken voting for colonel sanders”...... funny but old, but more importantly you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. I suggest that you and some of your homies on that other blog do your research about black conservatives. You people keep running the 2 percent bullshit when you do not know what you are talking about. But its funny to think you do know.
Oh shit you are a Howard Dean lover, that is hilarious!
Dam red neck whining loser, it figures!
Thanks, Snoop! The more you post, the higher my hit count goes.

Though I know you won't be back here, I'll answer your question about the 2% figure:

The 2% figure of black support for Bush comes from a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll:

In what may turn out to be one of the biggest free-falls in the history of presidential polling, President Bush's job-approval rating among African Americans has dropped to 2 percent, according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

The drop among blacks drove Bush's overall job approval ratings to an all-time low of 39 percent in this poll. By comparison, 45 percent of whites and 36 percent of Hispanics approve of the job Bush is doing.

A few months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Bush's approval rating among blacks at 51 percent. As recently as six months ago, it was at 19 percent.

But Bush's bungled response to Hurricane Katrina -- seen by many blacks as evidence that he didn't care about them (see my September 13 column ) -- may have brought support for the president in the African American community down to nearly negligible levels.

Tim Russert called attention to this startling statistic on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams yesterday: "Brian, listen to this," he said. "Only 2 percent -- 2 percent! -- of African-Americans approve of George Bush's handling of the presidency -- the lowest we have ever seen in that particular measure."

So this morning, I called Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff, to get a better sense of the significance of the results.

"African Americans were not supporters, but I don't think that they outright detested him -- until now," Hart said. "The actions in and around Katrina persuaded African Americans that this was a president who was totally insensitive to their concerns and their needs."

Hart said he has never seen such a dramatic drop in presidential approval ratings, within any subgroup.

Hey PW, I don't mind spreading the luv!

Your clueless, but I will be adding you to the liberal blogroll. Quoting NBC news sources is a joke, but I do STILL find it amusing that you think you got Negros figured out. Tell your black homies and the one or two co-workers, hell even the one Negro you have in class you read about this crazy negro conservative Snoop and you are wondering WHAT IS UP WIT DAT! I DID NOT KNOW ANY NEGRO REPUBLICANS, GOLLY! lol!!!
Yo, Gurl, Its a new day and since you thought I would not be back I wanted to send you a nice GOOD MORNING!

I will continue to enjoy scanning your blog as well as TNB Blog to capture liberal infinite wisdom.........oh hell ranting and Anti-Americanism!
I shall look forward to being entertained further.

Peace, Snoop
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