Friday, November 04, 2005


How Low Will Republicans Go?

I never say "Just when you think they can't go any lower", because I know there are no depths to which they won't sink. But this little incident is sleazy even for Republicans. New Forrester Ad Quotes Corzine's Ex-Wife

Gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester aired a TV commercial that features a disparaging quotation about opponent Sen. Jon S. Corzine from Corzine's former wife. [...] Joanne Corzine has said her former husband's political ambitions destroyed their 33-year marriage. They couple separated in 2002 and divorced in 2003. Her husband was elected to the Senate in 2000. Corzine avoided directly criticizing his ex-wife or Forrester when asked about the ad. He said the breakup of a marriage is painful, and "I believe that you can imagine that that pain sometimes colors how people might speak to issues." He added that his former wife "has a right to speak out." [...] Hours later, the Corzine campaign responded with a television ad saying Forrester "has brought the Bush-Rove smear tactics to our state."
Ex-Mrs. Corzine, you have a call waiting on the courtesy cluephone: Your agreeing to appear in that attack ad strongly suggests that the fault was not entirely on Senator Corzine's side.
I am stunned.

Corzine was immensely successful on Wall Street. You don't do that and have a real family life. His wife should be proud that he left the mere accumulation of wealth to become one of the better people in the Senate. Yes, it means that you spend every spare moment fundraising and schmoozing. That's not "letting his fammily down."

And the ability of the Forrester campaign to declare that up is down and then reverse directions is out of science fiction:

Forrester "has been clear through the campaign that private life is private life," his campaign spokeswoman Sherry Sylvester told The Associated Press.

The next day, after the ad appeared, she defended it.

"Ms. Corzine's statements go beyond private life. She is talking about a man who would be governor abandoning his principles for the sake of ambition," Sylvester said.

In the physical universe, the g-force for that U-turn would have crushed her like a soft tomato.

It looks like the m's are mmultiplying mmmadly in the word "fammmmily."
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