Tuesday, November 01, 2005


"Hypocritical Republicans"...

... is redundant. They're frothing over the closed session. In the words of the Associated Press reporter, Trent Lott said Senator Reid's move "violated the Senate's tradition of courtesy and consent." In the very same report: "As Reid spoke, Frist met in the back of the chamber with a half-dozen senior GOP senators." How courteous is to to turn your back and carry on a conversation while a senator is addressing the floor? How courteous is it to say of fellow senators, as Senator Frist did, "They have no convictions, they have no principles, they have no ideas"? When Dick Cheney told Senator Leahy to go fuck himself, did Senator Lott protest that lapse of courtesy? You want courtesy, Senator Lott, you'd better start showing some.
"Fuck me, Senator Frist? No, fuck YOU!"

And Harry Reid did, in so many lovely ways. He's obviously going the LBJ route and boning up on Senate procedure. I knew that there were many non-filibuster ways of tying up Senate business, but I'd never heard of THAT one before!
How courteous is it to threaten the "Nuclear Option"--that is, a rewriting of Senate rules just because they don't serve you--at every turn?

It's sweet to see Frist nearing apoplexy, idn't it?
This is long overdue.

Senator Pat Roberts made a formal promise in writing that he would do his ::badword:: job as chair of the Intelligence Committee just as soon as the 2004 election was over and we wouldn't be playing politics.

Well, the 2006 election season starts in six weeks and that lying ::multiple bad words:: hypocritical liar is still pretending that any old day he's going to get around to it.

He is a liar.
He brought dishonor onto the entire Senate.
He is endangering national security.

There are many Senators who are fools. There are many who are crooks. There are a whole bunch who are senile, narcissistic, flatulent toads.

But Pat Roberts is in a class of "bad" all his own.
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