Saturday, November 19, 2005


"ID" Textbook Is Old Creationist Textbook

By this time we've all heard the story, as pitched by the "intelligent design" people: "ID's not the same thing as creationism!" This is, of course, a way for these people to get around the fact that the courts have forbidden the teaching of religion as science in American public schools -- and that creationism was not science, but religion. And if you wanted further proof of this, just look at the history of Of Pandas and People, the favorite textbook of the ID crowd. As the excellent science blog The Panda's Thumb demonstrated back in September, this textbook is nothing more than an old creationist book reworked to drop all references to creationism, substituting instead references to intelligent design. It's taken the national media a while to catch on, but the Boston Globe did a piece last week on the textbook that mentions its publishing and revision history, but doesn't explain how the book's history serves to undermine the entire ID scam -- perhaps because the BG fears being swarmed by angry religio-racist right-wingers.

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