Thursday, November 17, 2005


McCain Griles Republican Astroturfer Italia Federici

No, that is not a misprint. Italia Federici of the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy appeared before John McCain's Indian Affairs committee for one of the best Punch and Judy shows of the session. McCain produced an astonishing number of e-mails showing that Federici was serving as Jack Abramoff's go-fer in sending political messages from Abramoff to Deputy Secretary of the Department of Interior Steven Griles. Griles was in at the ground floor on James Watt's notoriously corrupt DoI before moving on to helping coal companies despoil West Virginia countryside. This is how CREAps describe themselves: Like the great GOP President, Theodore Roosevelt, we are Republicans who believe conservation benefits all Americans. The Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy (CREA) is committed to preserving America’s natural resources, air, water, and scenic beauty for future generations. CREA's mission is to foster environmental protection by promoting fair, community-based solutions to environmental challenges, highlighting Republican environmental accomplishments and building on our Republican tradition of conservation. This is how the Department of Justice describes CREA: Under subpoena CREA is so absolutely shameless that in their CREA in the News section, they link to The Free Republic, a site so notorious, it needs no introduction. But do notice the references to "Hanoi John" Kerry.... those are some of the dogs from whom CREA gets its fleas. McCain on Federici was like the Kefauver organized crime hearings, except funnier. So far, no executions. I mean since the hearings. Here's Salon's take on the McCain hearings.
I note that the Salon piece points out her close ties to Gale Norton.

I also note that it's been suggested that Patrick Fitzgerald's and Ronnie Earle's respective pursuits of sleaze may wind up converging at some point. The thing about Republican sleaze is that it is such a seamless, all-encompassing garment; but that very seamlessness means that, when an honest prosecutor or two gets to scratch at a few loose threads of it, the whole garment eventually unravels, given time, resources, and tenacity.
My reference to the Kefauver hearings was not incidental, PW.

The same people have, with brief interruptions, been systematically looting the country, destroying its democratic institutions, and pretending to be Christians to boot.

I laugh when people talk about the breakdown of morality in the 1960s. What happened in the 1960s was that a lot of people were young all at once. The breakdown of morality happened in the 1980s, when America turned its back on the poor, the sick, the weak.

Young people can grow up, turn their lives around, become useful citizens. Guys like Tom DeLay and Lewis Libby missed growing up. They have very little hope of being able to overcome the inertia of a lifetime of serving themselves.
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