Thursday, November 10, 2005


More On Randy Kelly's Defeat

One thing I keep pointing out to my friends is that Kelly's endorsement of Bush didn't happen in a vaccum. The media is painting a picture of Kelly, not as the DINO that he is, but as this nice actual Democrat who just happened to endorse Bush. Uhm, no. Kelly is best buds with the turncoat Norm "Please Ignore the Parade of Cute Blonds Going into My House" Coleman, and Kelly's son, who ran his campaign, is himself a neocon, and ran Kelly's campaign as a Republican one, complete with the standard GOP boilerplate accusing his opponent of being evil tax-raising scum. (I wish I'd saved some of the blizzard of direct-mail flyers the Kelly campaign sent out berating Chris "the good" Coleman for wanting to -- gasp! -- Raise YOUR Taxes!!!! I'd scan a few of them and post them so you could see this for yourself.) So when Karl Rove told Norm he had to make his bones now he was in the GOP, in exchange for their backing him over Pawlenty (the state GOP's choice) for the 2002 Senate race, he obligingly went to his friend Randy and had him endorse Bush, just to try and put a thumb in John Kerry's eye. That was, as they say, a grave miscalculation.

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