Monday, November 21, 2005


The NYT And The Door Incident

Atrios notes that the NYT uses up 30% of its front page on Bush making an ass of himself with a door. As he says, it's funny, but he wonders why the NYT did it. My guess: I suspect that the NYT -- and the rest of the media -- may be trying to make up for all the Bush gaffes it hasn't covered. The thing about the Door Incident is not that it happened. Frankly, as the film Fahrenheit 9/11 showed, Bush does stupid stuff like this every hour of every day.

What's important is that up until fairly recently, the news media chose not to tell us about it.

Ever wonder why you didn't recall seeing a lot of the F 9/11 archival news footage in real time? You know, the bits where Wolfowitz gobs on his comb, et cetera? That's because much if not most of it never was aired, and Michael Moore got hold of it only by conning the networks into coughing it up.

The same networks that transcribed every "um" that Bill Clinton or any other Democratic politican says, are notorious for dutifully cleaning up transcripts of Bush's utterances -- and making sure that footage of things like the Bush Door Incident are kept hush-hush.

Until now.

Why the change, I wonder? Why are the US Corporate Media suddenly willing to show Bush's flaws?


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