Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Pentagon IG's office to investigate Feith

[New! Improved! With 20% more grammar!] KTLK talk show host Johnny Wendell sent me an article by David Morgan of Yahoo News about how the Senate Intelligence Committee has asked the Pentagon's Inspector General to look into whether Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans exerted undue influence over the intelligence used to justify the Iraq War. It took a moment for the light bulb to go on. Having Pat Roberts assign the Pentagon IG's office the job of vetting Douglas Feith is like the Mafia investigating organized crime. In fact, it's worse. It's like having Ken Lay task the Mafia with investigating organized crime. There are two names that need to be recalled when thinking about the Pentagon IG's office. One is Joseph Schmitz, aka Mary LeTourneau's brother, now moved on to blacker deeds at Blackwater. The other name is L. Jean Lewis, who was brought in to the Pentagon IG's office presumably because there are no workhouses, no prisons. Lewis had been who was caught perjuring herself before a Senate committee by minority staff counsel Richard Ben-Veniste and fainted dead away. Schmitz and Lewis completely corrupted the Inspector General's office. I wouldn't be surprised if it's currently staffed by convicted felons. And so the purpose of this becomes clear: Sen. Pat Roberts (news, bio, voting record) of Kansas, Republican chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, asked the Pentagon's inspector general to look into the activities of Feith's office after officials stopped cooperating with a Senate probe of prewar intelligence on Iraq.... However, Democrats on the committee including the vice chairman, Sen. John Rockefeller (news, bio, voting record) of West Virginia, opposed Roberts' action and warned the move could delay the Senate investigation of Feith's office by up to a year. Or produce whitewash of such excellent durability that it might even survive a Category Three hurricane. In summary: If the Democrats on the committee don't launch a hungerstrike or chain themselves to the Capitol steps in protest, they are not taking their duty to protect the American people sufficiently seriously.
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