Saturday, November 12, 2005


Points To Ponder

Several things I've been pondering lately: -- If Bush stays at or below 35% in the polls, will the Republican National Committee allow him to stay in the White House until 2008? Or even 2006? Or will he be persuaded to retire "for health reasons"? (Then again, that means Ticky Dick assumes the throne, and Ticky Dick's hovering around 16% last I looked.) -- Have the indictments of Tom DeLay and Scooter Libby, and the ongoing legal troubles of Bill Frist and Karl Rove, hampered the Republicans' ability to push through their agenda? (They've been stymied so far on the $70-billion tax cut, but did manage this week, with the help of Democrats like Joe Lieberman, to gut the centuries-old legal right of habeas corpus.)

Point 1 - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's really funny. I'd like to see them try to make petulent-boy retire for "health reasons". You'd have a better chance of getting a monkey to stop flinging poop through rational argument than to get Bush to step down voluntarily - that would be tantamount to admitting he's been WRONG - never happen.

Point 2 - Its hampered the hard-core, stick it to the Dems to make sure that they know that they're defeated GOP agenda (aka the stuff that doesn't really matter except for bragging rights). I think that's what the ANWR stuff was about - it was a shove the Dems face into the ground and make them bleed tactic.

The stuff that the Republican-Lite Dems believe in along with the GOP will continue to get passed - they'll provide the cover for the Moderate Republicans to go along with it. When Dems hold up a united front, though, the moderates become the key votes and they know that it can be held against them by their constituency. Reid should be putting the thumbscrews on Biden and Lieberman for that very reason.
I think he should put the thumbscrews to Biden and Lieberman purely for recreational purposes.

Why aren't Connecticut Dems challenging Lieberman?
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