Sunday, November 20, 2005


The Rummy Affair of Lord Tubby

A friend of ours here at Mercury Rising posted this in the comments section of this thread on Conrad Black the other day:

Now, of course, the betting is on whether the lordly Conrad will leave Toronto and go to Chicago, to turn himself in. My bet is that he'll stay put right here in Toronto and essentially dare the American legal system to come and get him. Especially since he believes he's above the little people and their rules. The amusing thing about all of that is that, having renounced his Canadian citizenship altogether, so he could become a Lord in Britain and literally fulfill his vision of his own lordly superiority -- he isn't in fact entitled, now, to any of the usual legal protections available to Canadian citizens. So Canada could, in theory, kick him out of the country any time it wants to. I doubt we'll do that, since it would be too over-the-top vindictive. But it's amusing, in a nasty sort of way, that while lord Conrad was so eager to dump Canada to fulfill his great plans for himself, he was very hasty in running back here to Canada's protections as soon as he got into trouble. I'm afraid the schaudenfreude is pretty thick around here just now.
Canadians! How about a letter-writing campaign to encourage your government to do the right thing and throw Tubby Black onto the tender mercies of the US courts and Patrick Fitzgerald? Let's raise awareness of the fact that this clown can and must by law be extradited to the US to face the music. Let's make his lordship do the perp walk! Write a snail-mail letter to the Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler: The Honourable Irwin Cotler Minister of Justice 284 Wellington Street Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 0H8 Again, the letter to the Minister should be hard copy, not e-mail. Send an abbreviated e-mail version of your letter (no more than 400 words so that it is more likely to get published and not edited) to your local newspaper(s) editor. If you reside outside of Canada, please consider sending an additional letter to the editor of a Canadian city or town of your choice. (Canadians: Please let the Minister know that you are a voter, and that you are sending a copy of this letter to your local newspaper's editor.) Please express your opinion as to why you feel that Lord Black of Crossharbour should be extradited to the US, prominently mentioning his renunciation of Canadian citizenship in exchange for a ridiculous title. Please be polite and respectful, of course. Make sure the letter includes your signature. Thanks in advance for helping to bring a malefactor to justice!

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