Saturday, November 26, 2005


Toilet Bowl Rising: The Occupation of Haiti.

There really are no heroes among public figures. I listened to Col. James Wilkerson, Colin Powell's former aide, who is being feted for being so brave as to say that the Iraq invasion was a mistake, say that doing exactly the same thing to the elected government in Haiti was absolutely necessary: Secretary Powell and the United States government and our ambassador in Haiti, in particular, did a marvelous job..." From the Beeb Haiti poll postponed a third time Electoral campaigning is already under way The first round of Haiti's presidential and legislative elections have been put back to 8 January, say officials. The impoverished Caribbean country has been blighted by political and criminal violence and instability over the last two years, despite[because of] an interim government and the presence of UN peacekeepers. With UN tanks rolling through slum neighborhoods and shooting indiscriminately, what bloodshed has been prevented? With the leaders of the most popular political party, Fanmi Lavalas in prison without charges, what sort of "fair elections" have been achieved? With two years without elections, how can Haiti be said to have a government? An occupation, yes. A UN-sponsored dictatorship, yes. How can any world leader look at the restoration of death squad leaders as the doing of justice? They are all grown worthless, every one. In regards to world leaders, the toilet bowl is rising and needs a flush and a scrub.
I wonder how many people really know what's happening in Haiti? Or do they write it off like they did the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, or Africa as a whole?
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