Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The Un-Science Of Economics

Most scientists, in my experience, do their best to try to communicate their theories and findings in a clear, understandable language. Most economists, in my experience (and with Krugman being the honorable exception that proves the rule), prefer to hide behind pillars of quasi-religious psychobabble. I'd always half-suspected that most of what is called economics really isn't grounded in a scientifically-verifiable reality. Now along comes James Galbraith to confirm what I've always suspected. (He also shows why the self-styled hard-headed businessmen are so fond of airy-fairy ideas such as "the invisible hand" and the idea that helping poor people is bad for them.)

I've always found the writings of John Kenneth Galbraith to be very readable and enlightening, and it's good to see J.K carrying on that tradition.

Excellent read.
What is Christianity if it is not following truth wherever it leads?

Both economics and science are mere recreation for the follower of Jesus, tunes played by Ruach, the Spirit of Truth, on the human soul.

That anyone should call themselves a Christian and attempt to preach sermons in schoolhouses is a far more difficult mystery than any science.
True. Which is why I said "quasi-religious": they butcher religion much as they butcher Darwin for their "social Darwinism", which would have horrified the deeply religious, gentle, and generous Mr. Darwin.
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