Monday, November 21, 2005


Who Served?

An email is making the rounds, and being quoted in blogs, that lists Republicans and Democrats and whether they served in the military. Today I saw it quoted by Steve Gilliard, who in turn was quoting Kos diarist jgkojak, who commented, "I am sure this one has been around, but I had never seen everything together in one place." I have seen the list before. I'm almost certain the email list was copied, though not verbatim, from the Who Served? page in AWOLBUSH.COM.

What goes around comes around, at least when it comes to e-mail.

The big difference is that the AWOL Bush list mentioned many more Repubs who served. I think it's about 2:1 Dem:Pubs. If the country knew that, it could fundamentally change the way the two parties are seen. Dems are less eager for war because they've seen it.
One thing that surprises the hell out of many people is finding out that George McGovern -- Mister Peacenik -- not only served in World War Two, but was one of the best bomber squadron commanders ever to sit in the cockpit of a B-17. His men adored him, because he flew them safely through dozens of dangerous missions.
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