Friday, December 30, 2005


Abramoff scam relied on using charitable exempt organizations as conduits for bribes

Thanks to Roger Ailes for drawing attention to this clip, which I missed. Among other things, Jack Abramoff set up a religious school, called Eshkol Academy, a "children's charity," the Capital Athletic Fund, and a "think tank," all of them presumably getting tax preferred status. He used them to distribute the money: "Please make sure the next $1M[illion] from Coushatta [Indian tribe] for me goes to Eshkol Academy directly. Please tell them that we are 'using the school as our conduit for some of activities.' " The e-mail added that "if that won't fly with them, use CAF," referring to the Capital Athletic Foundation, or the National Center for Public Policy Research. Abramoff repeated the request in e-mails in March and April. The Eshkol Academy "is our front group," the first e-mail said. The second said: "I really need to get those funds into Eshkol asap. Let me know what we have to do." Now, he learned this from Newt Gingrich and the Abraham Lincoln fund. And, if history is a guide, Republicans copycat successful schemes on massive scale. Follow the conduits.
Yup. He's the bagman and the money-launderer.
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