Saturday, December 10, 2005


Another Refusal of Aid to New Orleans

And another example of mind-boggling hypocrisy:

The Bush administration has denied requests from Entergy Corp. for $350 million in federal aid to help rebuild the company's electric generating facilities in storm-ravaged New Orleans, according to documents obtained by Reuters on Friday. "We believe that transferring federal tax dollars to the bondholders and shareholders of a private firm is inappropriate," said Allan Hubbard, President George W. Bush's top economic adviser who also chairs a White House council on rebuilding the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina.
I'm just surprised they didn't have Dick Cheney make that pronouncement.
I'm astonished that they didn't have the head of Blackwater Security make that announcement. That would make the hypocrisy just about grilled to perfection.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of links on Allan Hubbard, here and
here. And yes, they make it crystal-clear that just as with every other Bush appointee, his main "job qualifications" are a) being a Republican and b) donating gobs of money to Bush's 2000 and 2004 campaigns.
The level of irresponsibility shown by this Administration continues to make me dizzier as it reaches new heights.

Could they be worse for America even if they tried?
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