Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Bush Weasels Out of Jury Duty

The MSM were all agog with the news that even The President [sic] could be summoned for jury duty. Dubya, of course, did not report for duty; the court obligingly rescheduled him because he's sort of busy right now with the business of ruining running the country. Dubya, you may recall, got off the hook once before, thanks to the timely intervention of his fixer Alberto Gonzales — who was less than forthcoming about it in his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, possibly because the exemption protected then-Gov. Bush from having to reveal his drunk driving conviction(s). But that's not the Bush to whom my headline refers. Buried in the AP report of Dubya's more recent summons is this revelation:

[State District Judge Ralph] Strother said one of Bush's daughters, Barbara, received a jury summons for his court a month ago. Someone called to reschedule her jury service, saying she would be out of the country for the next six months.
"A month ago" as of that report was early November, which means we shouldn't be seeing not-Jenna in this country until at least April 2006. Since that report, there have been at least four sightings of her in the United States: Looks like not-Jenna told a big fat lie to get out of doing her civic duty (or more likely, had somebody lie on her behalf). Wouldn't it be nice if somebody in that family were held accountable for showing utter contempt for our laws? The phone number of the 19th District Court in McClennan County, Texas, is 254-757-5081 and the fax is 254-759-5683. I'm just sayin'.


This is indeed pretty pathetic. All it takes to get stricken from jury duty is to show up and provide evidence that you know your axe from your elbow.

Oh, wait.

I see your point.
Ole Snoop just checkin’ in and I laughed at your headline.

I wish I could party with y’all liberals you are lots of fun. I just don’t want your types in power.

Peace Snoop
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