Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Conyers, Dean, Feingold, Et Cetera

While the lily-livered, GOP-placating DLCers/Blue Doggers cower under Karl Rove's couch, the real Democrats -- the ones like John Conyers, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Harry Reid and Russ Feingold -- are leading the charge against Emperor Thirty-Five Percent. John Conyers: Censure Bush. AND Impeach Him. Howard Dean: Sign onto my FOIA request, so we can see what BushCo's been hiding in RE: domestic spying. Ted Kennedy: Somebody give Dick Cheney a copy of the Constitution, OK? Russ Feingold: I'm throwin' down on you, BushCo. Harry Reid: And Russ has my full backing on this. Filibusters Ahoy!

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