Monday, December 26, 2005


Ed Schultz stand-in could help stifle Beltway arrogance

I like this challenger : 28. Michigan 11 (38) (Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R) vs. Radio Talk Show Host Tony Trupiano (D)) The entry of Trupiano has Dems excited about taking the most winnable GOP-held seat in Michigan. While this gerrymandered district will present a challenge, McCotter has never seen a strong opponent. This is exactly the type of race we can win with a tide. I'm listening to him asking a caller as he stands in for Ed Schultz, "Who likes to be lied to!?" This should be the Democratic slogan for 2006.
During a local Dem event, Trupiano said Bush should be impeached -- and got a huge cheer from the crowd.

I hear that Trupiano's not the only radio host getting involved in Michigan politics. Nancy Skinner may be challenging the odious Joe Knollenberg for the 9th District seat.
I hope Nancy has learned to be a little bit odious. She got trampled on talk TV.
She's good and loud on the radio. I don't know how she'll do as a candidate, especially since I read in MyDD that there are two other contenders for that district. Oakland County is increasingly Dem, so I hope that spells doom for the odious Joe Knollenberg, whoever the candidate is.
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