Thursday, December 08, 2005


FEMA's Brown Told In 2004: Update Your Action Plans And Be Proactive! Brown's response: Zzzzzzzz.

From USA Today via No Capital:

FEMA's top official was told more than a year before Hurricane Katrina that the agency's emergency response teams were unprepared for a major disaster and were operating under outdated plans, documents show. ... An 11-page memo to Michael Brown, former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, from June 2004 described teams of national response managers that were not prepared and were getting "zero funding for training, exercise or team equipment." Those responders "provide the only practical, expeditious option for the (FEMA) director to field a cohesive team of his best people to handle the next big one," wrote William Carwile, one of FEMA's federal coordinating officers.
And Brown's response? Zzzzzzzz.....

Just when we were beginning to feel a bit sorry for Brown, taking all the heat, he goes to congess and says:

'I'm not here to point fingers...' - He said something close to that.

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