Saturday, December 24, 2005


FOX Loves Nazis, Part Two

Hot on the heels of the news that FOX Carolina did a puff piece for the American Nazi group Stormfront, we find out that FOX talking head Tony Snow has his own Stormfront connections.

I think it's a stretch to link Snow to that group - they probably just linked to something he wrote.

To be sure, he would probably not extend to you that fairness.

Stop by my blog - read the Bush Script/
Gotham, you might be right, but we can no longer assume that the less-alarming explanation is correct.

There is a useful debate on the IntoxiNation site that shows that the article may have first appeared on Jewish World Review. I have argued that JWR may qualify as a hate site. Ann Coulter's latest is so far over the edge, it's underneath.

BTW, I did stop by GothamImage. The BushScript was funny but ran a little long. The Vietnam charts, though, are so good that I intend to headline them.
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