Friday, December 16, 2005


Friday Cat Blogging

"Other cat? What other cat?"

That's priceless, MEC.
I am just purely astonished that they stayed put long enough for me to get that shot.
That is priceless.

I was at the house of some friends last night. They have three (3) cats: Solveig (big fat gray female beastie, about five years old), Vesta (a carbon copy of Solveig, except she was shrunk in the wash, is much skinnier, and three years younger), and the newcomer, a male tuxedo kitten-cat named Milo.

Milo was acquired last week, and the two girl-cats have yet to accept the lad. The girls spent much of yesterday evening with their gazes fixed on Milo -- they'd even pass up food to maintain their surveillance of him. Yet, unless he was asleep, they would not get within five feet of him; if he came into a room where one of them was, she'd get up and leave, as if he had Kitty Cooties. It was very interesting.
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