Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Good Idea

From the York Daily Record, via Atrios: Investigate perjury in Dover ID case

They lied. William Buckingham and Alan Bonsell wanted to bring God into high school biology class, and in the process, they lied. They lied about their motives. They lied about their actions. They lied about what they did or didn't say at public meetings. They even lied when they claimed newspaper reporters lied in stories about Dover school board meetings. In his ruling on the Dover case, U.S. Judge John E. Jones III said it was "ironic" that individuals who "proudly touted their religious convictions in public" would "lie" under oath. Yes, ironic - at the very least. But also sinful according to the 9th Commandment. And perhaps also criminal. We can only hope that the appropriate authorities are investigating possible perjury charges in this case.
And while they're at it, maybe they can find a way to make the Discovery Institute reimburse the school district for the legal fees they had to pay for this nonsense.
I wish the NY Record had quoted the judge more extensively. He really roasted the School Board.

I think it would be difficult to bring a civil suit against the Discovery Institute. Voters are responsible for the kooks they elect.
As was pointed out elsewhere, I wonder if the Thomas More Legal Center (the lawyers advising the "breathtakingly inane" school board members) will stick around to deal with the possible criminal fallout of this travesty.

I would think an investigation of these clowns (the Thomas More group) would be in order as well, since there exists a possibility that they allowed their clients to commit perjury on the stand.

I hope this isn't over...this crap needs to be stamped out and all their queasy tactics need to be exposed for everyone to see.
That's a legal theory with promise, TE.

If the plaintiffs lied-- and the judge said they did-- then a question arises as to whether their lawyers were aware that their clients were lying.

If so, there's certainly grounds for disbarment. And I would think any citizen of Pennsylvania could ask for an investigation based on the comments of the judge. As we learned from the Paula Jones case, the legal profession takes very seriously lawyers who bring the profession into discredit, regardless of what they have actually done.
I somehow missed the fascinating detail that the Thomas More Legal Center was providing the school board members' legal counsel. The Center was co-founded by Tom Monaghan, who's a raving theocrat of the Roman Catholic persuasion. Think of them as a popish Southeastern Legal Foundation.
Yup. That would be Tom Monaghan of Domino's Pizza infamy. He sold Domino's so he'd have the cash to start up the TMLC.
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