Friday, December 09, 2005


Here's How To Address The CFR

Right after Bush had his glorified photo-op at CFR's DC HQ, John Kerry showed up -- and wonder of wonders, allowed The Great Unwashed to -- gasp! -- ask him questions:

Kerry had previously said 20,000 troops should leave Iraq following next week’s elections, but Thursday’s comments appear to be the first in which he has set a specific target for the end of 2006. “I believe you could get at least 100,000 out over that period of time,” he said during a question and answer session following his speech.
Reasonable people can make arguments for or against Kerry's speech statements. But at least he, unlike Bush, had the guts to let them be scrutinized. And unlike Hillary or the Joes (LieberBiden), he's willing to take a crack at facing the reality that we simply can't stay in Iraq much longer.

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