Thursday, December 08, 2005


If Everyone Who Read This Post Were To Do What It Suggests...

...we could stop the whole "Save Christmas" nonsense dead in its tracks. Here's the deal: Atrios noted current BLATANT "the Jews are killing Christmas" remarks over at this morning.

Send them, along with the evidence Steve Gilliard's found linking the current "Save Christmas" movement to Henry Ford's racist anti-Semitic obssessions, to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, here:

You know what to do. [UPDATE: Adam B over at DailyKos suggests that we focus on the media instead of the ADL, since they probably already know about it. Thus, I'm borrowing this FAIR media contacts link for our use. Personally, I think we should do both. For one thing, the media will be more likely to pay attention to our e-mails if the ADL can be persuaded to make a public statement on this -- otherwise, it's just those crazy blogger kids again.]

I saw evidence today that the "defense of Christmas" has been in the planning stages for a while: a book titled The Judge Who Stole Christmas, a collection of "Christmas" short stories. From the Publishers Weekly review quoted in "Sometimes it is unclear when the author is aiming for satire and when he is playing it straight. For example, when Jasmine goes to argue her appeal before a three-judge appellate court, the one judge obviously on her side is an African-American Bush appointee conveniently named Judge Clarence."
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