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Friday night, we had the Good Zombies. Today, courtesy of the mailbox of a reader, we have a Bad Zombie, a man permanently stuck in 1995, the one and only Toesucker Dick "I Couldn't Prognosticate My Way Out Of A Paper Bag" Morris:

Dear Voter, My wife, Eileen and I have written a new book: Condi vs Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race and I've autographed a number of them. The premise of the book is simple: Only Condoleezza Rice can effectively stop Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency! The book explains why and sets out a plan to draft her for the nomination. If you would like to buy autographed copies of Condi vs Hillary, possibly for Christmas presents, please click on this link. (If you cannot click onto the above link, please copy and paste it into your browser) Thanks very much and have a wonderful Christmas. Dick Morris
Poor Toesucker Dick. My guess is that he has this love-hate thing going on with Hillary, the same way that Maureen Dowd has this love-hate thing going on with Bill. He probably wants Hillary to do to him what he'd paid those hookers to do to him, but she never, ever thought of him in that way! That heartless beeeyotch! Such a thin line between love and hate, eh? Boy, I wonder if Eileen Morris is aware that Dick has such a hump-on for another woman, unattainable though she is. (The other woman, not Eileen.) Dick's obssession with the Unattainable Hillary has blinded him to the knowledge that milking the Clintons' scare-object value is so very 1995. Even if Senator Clinton does run for the White House in 2008 -- which I personally hope she doesn't, both because she'd lose badly and because the last thing we need is another triangulator in the Oval Office -- most Americans now don't associate her with sex scandals as much as they do with a time when they all had decent jobs and money in the bank, and the local library and daycare facility hadn't been shut down due to government cutbacks to give rich people tax cuts. But Dick, though he's a good projectionist, has never been a good predictor.

all this about obssession dick has! I would be willing to bet every one that has posted has had the thoughts and actually done this themselves. Be careful where you through those stones. What goes around come around.
Dick Morris is a savvy politician. Do not underestimate his opinions
Dick Morris just salivates before going on the other news agency will pick him up..Orielly uses him because he can speak over him and get "Dick: to agree with him
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