Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Life Under a Republican Government

Americans stressed, depressed, polls show

New Year is supposed to be a time of hope and fresh starts -- but more and more Americans seem to be stressed out, miserable and depressed, according to two new opinion polls. One long term survey shows that personal misery among Americans is at its highest levels since the early 1990s, with people saddled with woes over healthcare, unemployment, paying bills and romance. [...] Eleven percent of 1,340 respondents reported being unable to afford needed medical care, compared with seven percent in 1991, and 18 percent said they had no healthcare insurance coverage -- up from 12 percent in the early 1990s. [...] Some 15 percent of people surveyed said [they] had been unemployed for a month, four points higher than in 1991.
It's interesting that they skipped right over the years since 1991 — you know, the years a Democrat was in the White House. If memory serves, the rates of unemployment and poverty dropped and the number of people with health insurance rose during those years.
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