Friday, December 02, 2005


Mercury Rising hits Fahrenheit 451

Thanks to Alice Marshall, whose excellent GOTV blog flagged a WaPo article that I ran into via Avedon Carol's Sideshow, which I was reading at this less-than-godly hour because if you don't read the blogs, you miss all the good stories under the mass of trivia the media buries them in: The FBI is now running sham candidates? How is this not electoral fraud? How poisoned is the politics in that town because of this? How can we trust the FBI? 'Wingers are having fun with this since the candidate, Thomas E. Esposito, is nominally a Democrat. He's not much of one, since I find no contributions to either party in 2002-6 over at But I guess they have to find something to bray about, since their entire party leadership looks to be on the verge of being swallowed whole by the Abramoff matter. It's not a good precedent for the FBI to be running fake candidates. Given current listening technology, there are other ways to find out that someone is ladling gravy. Also via Avedon Carol, Virginia Verified Voting: "It is likely that, due to subtle problems in paperless machines, there were 12,000 votes for Lieutenant Governor missing from paperless systems statewide, and over 9,000 votes for Attorney General missing from paperless systems; this is over 25x the margin of victory for Attorney General. This is not to say that the result would have been different, merely that votes that -- statistically speaking -- should have been there just aren't there." I guess the electronic machines hit Fahrenheit 451, the temperature at which ballots burn.
A-yep. They need this and the Dorgan smear to distract from things like the news that Abramoff's personal secretary became Karl Rove's personal assistant -- and that the Bush White House shut down the first Abramoff probe back in 2002.
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