Sunday, December 25, 2005


Sampson slays the Bushistines

William Sampson, author of Confessions of an Innocent Man was on C-Span. He presents important and new information on torture and the war on terror. 1. The claims of links between Iraq and al Qaida were, according to Sampson, obtained by torture of people in an Egyptian jail. I will have to double check, because I thought that at least some of these doubtful claims were based on uncoerced information, but just the fact that torture was used for any part of the case raises the suspicion level even higher. 2. Sleep deprivation can cause organ failure and death. 3. There are forensic methods by which victims of torture can prove what happened to themselves, including an imaging protocol that measures the pattern of blood return to the foot by which beatings of the foot can be proven. This guy is awesome. One can see the strength of a Gandhi or a King in him. How many people could endure torture in a Saudi jail, then come around in two years and talk about it with passion and internal calm? I see Sister Diana Ortiz, tortured two decades ago, and she still obviously suffers it, like a crucifixion without end. I think I'll say a prayer for her, and for all of those who have suffered under Caesar.
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