Saturday, December 10, 2005


US Lesson on Democracy in Haiti: Totalitarianism

The headline says it all: Five Supreme Court justices have been fired in Haiti, a day after the court ruled that a Haitian-born US millionaire could run for president. The court had ruled that Texan-American Dumarsais (aka Dumas) Simeus, who holds dual nationality as a Haitian, could run for president. You see, His lack of public acceptance may have to do with his extensive ties to the Bush administration. Simeus served on Jeb Bush's Haiti Task Force. Simeus is a major Republican Party donor. His campaign manager, Robert Allyn, worked on the campaigns for George W. Bush, and Mexico’s president Vincente Fox, in the Bahamas and in Indonesia. So, the local thugs are not happy that their outlaw government is slated to be replaced by a Bush puppet. The Beeb says, "this is an unwelcome further sign of serious political instability" I think we can translate into people-ese as "the thugs running the country aren't sufficiently servile to the Bushes."
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It's pretty simple, Charles: BushCo looks after BushCo, first, foremost and always. Everything else is important only insofar as it can be used by BushCo to further BushCo's own ends.

Loyalty to BushCo is the prime requisite in BushCo's view of society. They do not hesitate to punish the "disloyal" -- as former Army Secretary Thomas "Enron" White can tell you. When White, who became part of BushCo because of his role in the "illusory profits" division of Enron, actually did something that most non-BushCovians would consider patriotic (namely, trying to keep BushCo from killing tens of thousands of people in a war doomed to failure), he was punished.
very true, PW.

I was actually more interested in the Beeb's role as enforcer. The language is similar to what our media used with Chavez before the attempted coup.

The tone is of "an offer you can't refuse."
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