Friday, December 23, 2005


Where State-Sponsored Religion Leads: to Atheism.

More than half the secondary schools in Wales inspected in the past four years break the law by failing to pray every day, a BBC survey has revealed. All state schools should hold an act of worship each day, either for all pupils in assembly or as a class-based prayer. But in the 149 secondaries inspected, 81 failed to meet the legal obligation. according to the BBC. So many school children, especially at the primary school level, are being led in prayer on a daily basis. Almost all of the rest have frequent or occasional school-led prayer. About 15% of people in England and Wales are atheists and 78% Christian, while in the US, with its godless public schools, , with 82% call themselves Christians and only 1% identify themselves as atheists. What school cafeteria food does for teenagers's culinary instincts is what state-sponsored prayer does to their religious instincts. In addition, coercion of what should come from the heart leads teachers and principals into hypocrisy and dishonesty. God is never mocked, least of all by the godless hypoChristians demanding school prayer.
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