Monday, January 23, 2006


44 Veterans Running as Democrats for Congress

The Fighting Dems Go get 'em!
One of the Fightin' Dems, Paul Hackett, was profiled on CBS News tonight. CBS mentioned that he was but one of dozens of Iraq war vets running for office as Democrats in order to do something to end the war.

At the end, CBS did bring on a Republican Marine running for a Texas Congressional seat for "balance", and they even tried to get the Republican to diss Hackett for speaking out against the war. But the guy is apparently a Marine (and/or an American) before he's a Republican, because he flatly refused to do so.
This is awesome.

The facts no longer support the illusion that "the Republicans are better on defense."

Bush blew that.

The sun is shining. Let's make a freakin' bunch of hay.
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