Saturday, January 07, 2006


An Abramoff Primer

To review: Abramoff helped DeLay create the K Street Project, whose ultimate goal was to kill off the Democratic Party by totally starving them of corporate donations (a goal that would have succeeded if not for Howard Dean's energizing the small-money donors over the past three years). Also, NONE of Abramoff's own money went to Democrats. NONE. Some Democrats got cash from some of Abramoff's clients, but you have to remember: Abramoff's Indian-tribe clients weren't his partners in crime, but his main victims. He hosed them for over $66 million in fees, fees that were outrageous, even by Capitol Hill lobbyist standards -- and then he turned around and lobbied AGAINST them. It's very interesting that the ever-compliant GOP/Media Axis counts as "Abramoff-related cash" every single cent donated by Abramoff clients to Democrats -- even when it manifestly isn't part of Abramoff's money-laundering machine -- yet they don't apply that same counting standard to the monies raised by Abramoff for Republicans, especially George W. Bush. The media dutifully notes that Bush returned the $6,000 that Abramoff had donated directly to him for his 2004 presidential campaign. But the media don't count the $94,000-plus that Abramoff bundled for Bush in 2004 -- or note that Bush has refused to return THAT money. Oh, and remember David Safavian, the crooked Bush White House staffer and the nation's top procurement official, who got hauled off to the pokey last year? He's one of Abramoff's men. But the media keeps saying that this isn't a Republican -- or a Bush -- scandal. Suuuuuure it's not.

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