Saturday, January 14, 2006


All the news that's old

From The Nation, a small, underfunded operation that draws all too many cranks of the Christopher Hitchens and Doug Ireland variety, yet still manages to report the news: "But consider Task Force 6-26. It sounds like a relic of Pinochet's Operation Condor, whose state-sanctioned acts of murder resulted in the dictator's finally being brought to book after thirty years. In fact, Task Force 6-26 is a secret unit composed mostly of US Navy SEALs operating in Baghdad--its existence unacknowledged by the Pentagon. According to the Washington Post, a fact-finding mission for Army generals warned a year ago that Task Force 6-26 was running an off-the-books prison for detainees and applying more-than-moderate physical pressure--and that same task force is implicated in two prisoner deaths. Despite those warnings, Task Force 6-26, with its bland bureaucratic label, operates in Baghdad to this day....Critically, in the new reports the chain of evidence ends just a whisper away from Donald Rumsfeld. " This was in October. Reuters, the peppy upstart among the wire services, just got around to reporting it. Three months later. And the NYT or the Wapo, the institutions that have the money and the staff to do a first rate job? They'll tell you when it's too late to do anything about it.
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