Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Anti-Immigration Folk Really Crack Me Up

They whine until the cows come home about Those Dirty Mexicans taking their jobs. And then they turn around and shop at Wal-Mart. At least the Mexicans picking your crops and working the kill floor in the slaughterhouses are going to be spending their wages in the communities where they earned them. Many of them even pay taxes, which is more than can be said for many of the anti-immigrant crowd. Whereas money spent at Wal-Mart mostly goes to the Walton heirs and to the Chinese companies using slave labor to drive America's manufacturing base into the ground.

This is one of the contradictions of the right that makes it so improbable that it could exists.

The corporate right goes down to Mexico to recruit cheap and very illegal labor for companies like IBP. Restaurant owners, who donate heavily to the right, want illegals to drive down wages. The wealthy, also a right-wing constituency, want illegals to be cheap or even slave labor as nannies, cooks, and gardeners.

On the other hand, the paranoid right believes that illegal immigrants are a national security threat and that the people letting them in are traitors.

If that's what they think, one would think they'd hang a few of them. Improbably the Ranch Rescue crowd instead directs their rage against people who the illegals as human beings desperate for work and food, the right wingers who lure them here as criminals, and the right wingers who harass them on the border as hypocrites, thugs, and fools.

I guess it makes sense if you live in the Mofo Zone.
Walmarts and illegals - what a great contrast.
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