Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Blame The Victim: Or, How The GOP/Media Axis Tries To Escape The Abramoff Taint

Wampum Blog has been following this for months now, but this post is particularly pointed. The basic points: 1) The Republicans are trying to push the idea that All Indian Money = BAD Money. The more silly Democrats they can cow into giving up the cash, the better. 2) If being an Abramoff client (or victim) makes you evil, then why aren't Abramoff's non-Indian clients getting tarred with the Bad Money brush? Why only the Indians? 3) The GOP wants to pretend that this is about bad lobbyists and their Eeeeevil Indian Clients (who donate to Democrats!), when the real issue is how Abramoff used his lobbying firm and fake charities as a giant money-laundering machine that served as a key component of the K Street project.

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