Thursday, January 19, 2006


"The British policy is the American policy"

--Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekhistan AMY GOODMAN: We only have ten seconds. But what has given you the courage to speak out? CRAIG MURRAY: I think it’s just what any decent person would do, I mean, when you come across people being boiled and their fingernails pulled out or having their children raped in front of them, you just can't go along with it and sleep at night. Unless you're a Republican, of course. Go read the interview and tell me that this is what you want people to think of when they hear the word "American." CRAIG MURRAY: Well, I found a country which lives in fear. There’s palpable fear in the place. It’s a totalitarian state. Effectively they haven't reformed much from the old Soviet system, and then they have added a new level of brutality and violence and an extra level of corruption to that. It’s a state where everyone is scared of their neighbor, where there are 40,000 secret police in the city of Tashkent alone. And the astonishing thing was it was a state where people were being disappeared and tortured on an industrial basis and which was being financed and organized by the United States of America.
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